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Aligned Machinery was founded in the year of 2004 by several experts who have decades of experience in the machinery industry.From the very beginning of company focusing on supply of high quality pharmaceutical and packaging machinery.



ZPW-25 Rotary tablet press

CGN208-D Semi-auto Capsule Filling Machine

HLSG Series High Granulator

HZD Series Bin Blender

WF-B series dust collecting crushing set


The direct sense of “Aligned” is related to “Have made ---in one straight line”. The extended sense of Aligned is implied as “Mutual benefits, coherence and promptness”. The outspread implication of “Aligned”:
In terms of Internal perfection of enterprise, it’s followed by “Supply–Manufacture–Technology-Quality control- Warehouse Management–Sales-Aftersales service” In terms of marketing interaction, it can be explained as “Users–Market–Dealer–Enterprise" In terms of relations, it can be classified into “Person and Colleagues–Person and Leaders–Person and Clients–Person and Market–Person and Society”.


The term flexible packaging is used to describe packaging types mainly constructed from flexible film. This film may be paper, plastic, foil or other materials. Any package rigidity is a result of the materials contained within.Flexible packaging can include bags, pouches, sachets and sacks. The definitions of the different formats seem flexible, mainly related to size. For simplicity, this article will use the catchall term bag to refer to the various types.Bags can range in size from milliliters to tons. They will often be manufactured from one or two continuous rolls of material at the point of manufacture.
This is generally referred to as form-fill-seal (FFS). They can also be made offline and brought in either as individual bags or in a continuous roll form for automation.

A Guide to Clean in Place

Clean-in-place (CIP) technology offers significant advantages to manufacturing facilities, from efficient and reliable cleaning of process equipment and piping at lower cost to improved product quality. This summary highlights the important factors in CIP technology, identifying several designs of CIP systems and discussing the basic operation of the units.

The Development of Granulation

It means efficient wet mixing and granulating machine. Materials in the machine are mixed and cut by mixing blade and cutting knife, then become wet granules in one step.Nowadays this method is very popular, but the disadvantage is: high energy consuming, need combination with dryer, and the size of wet granules are unequal, most of them are fine powder.

We are manufacturing, Specialize in outdoor emergency surviving products.As developing many years, it had became the most large-scale outdoor activities, emergency survival processing production of specialized enterprises.
The brand of company insists on the selection of high quality materials, Professional design and strict quality management, To provide perfect outdoor rescue plans for all kinds of outdoor sports enthusiasts, and is well received by the domestic and foreign markets!

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