Operation And Features Of Bin Blenders In Pharmaceutical Industry

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October 27, 2021
bin blender suppliers
Operation And Features Of Bin Blenders In Pharmaceutical Industry
October 29, 2021
bin blender suppliers

Operation And Features Of Bin Blenders In Pharmaceutical Industry

As bin blenders are widely in use in the pharmaceutical industry, more and more bin blender suppliers are coming in the market. A Bin blender is also known as a V blender or an industrial blender. With its technique of powder mixing, it blends dry powders for capsules and tablets.

Bin blenders are the most commonly used equipment in the pharmaceutical sector for combining granular drugs and solid powder. It effectively supports great mixing, discharging, and cleaning thanks to its high mixing uniformity and mobile hopper. Bin blenders can be joined in line organically, preventing dust and cross-contamination from the segregated material transfer. Various, large-quantity mixed requirements are met by the blending series.

Bin blenders for pharmaceuticals are easy to maintain, dependable, and have a solid structure. They meet all the technical requirements for the systems that are required.

Performance And Operation Of Bin Blender:

Operating a bin blender is easy! Place the bin in the rotary frame and find the confirmation bottom on the touch screen and press it. The bin is raised to an appropriate height and clamped. The system of driving runs and mixing depends on the assigned speed and time.

The cylinders that clamp the bin into a spinning arm are powered by hydraulic pumps. The Bin blender sequence is automated thanks to the use of touch screen control. For consistency, the bin blender’s performance is determined by rotation speed, multiple rotations, and blend time for each blend formula. Hazards are avoided by using safety interlocks. If the operator is close to the bin blender, infrared lights are employed to inhibit operation.

After receiving indications from the clamp, pressure sensors activate the system. After the system reaches the assigned parameters, the brake mechanism engages, stopping the rotary frame vertically. This is the final step in the mixing process. The bin is laid down by the hoisting equipment. You simply remove the bin from the rotary frame, bringing the working cycle to a close. The entire production data is printed by a printer.

Features Of Bin Blenders:

The following are some of the best benefits of a bin blender:

Dustproof and stain-free

The top of the charging hole features a cover that allows for rapid opening and shutting. For particle-free transmission, the joints are dustproof. Dust-free bin blenders are ideal.


The bin blender machine should be versatile in the sense that you should be able to change the container size so that it can dispense different sizes of production batches in a single piece of equipment. The bunkers’ flexibility to handle containers of various sizes is an extra benefit.

Some other advantages bin blenders provide are:

  • Cleaning is easy.
  • Blending that works
  • Controls are simple.
  • Automated recipe blending
  • Customization
  • High efficiency of mixing
  • Convenience
  • Consistent performance
  • The compact structure
  • Printing the results of data processing

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