Type Automatic Packing Machine
DZB-250D-400D-600D Multifunctional Pillow-Type Automatic Packing Machine
September 11, 2020
Speed Continuous Cartoning Machine
ZH-260 Automatic High Speed Continuous Cartoning Machine
September 11, 2020

Automatic Cartoning Machine

Product Description

The machine is suitable for automatic feeding and packing products such as ALU-PVC Blister, bottle, cosmetics, commodity, hardware, card, and some other similar products into the carton.


Servo feeding suitable for different specification Alu-PVC blister. Automatically stop when the machine is overloaded. Automatically reject lacking package products and leaflets. Automatically display trouble, alarm, and counting.

Technical Parameters

Speed 30-100boxes/min
BoxQuality requirement250-350g/m2 (according to the dimensions to confrim)
Dimension(L x W x H)(70-180) x (35-85) x (14-50)mm
LeafletQuality requirement60-70 g/m2
Unfolded leaflet Specification(80-250) x (90-170)mm
Folded Leaflet Specification1-4 fold
Compressed airWorking pressure≥ 0.6mpa
Air consumption120-160L/min
Power Supply220V 50HZ
Motor power0.75kw
Overall Dimension(L x W x H)3100 x 1100 x 1550mm


Professional Automatic Cartoning Machine Manufacturer

Aligned Machinery is a leading Automatic Cartoning Machine Manufacturer. We serve various industries like Food & Beverage, Personal and Homecare, Pharmacy, and Chemical products. We have a workforce of over 100 technical staff that are technologically strong, stable, and well-organized with proven expertise in end-of-line, filling, and complete line engineering solutions.

With our best automatic cartoning machine, you can produce special carton packs for different products. The device involves an integration of electric, air, light, and mechanical configurations to shape a carton for various products.

Apart from the cartooning device, we offer include dust collecting equipment, multidirectional motion mixer, bin blenders, hot air ovens, blister packing machine, rotary tablet press machine, and soft gelatin encapsulation machine. We are known as a reliable multidirectional motion mixer.

Since our cartoning machines are fully automatic, a majority of the controls here are under a computer control system (CNC) that regulates its functionalities. As a prominent Automatic Cartoning Machine Supplier in China, we enable you to perform different applications like:

  • Automatic conveying and folding of the carton leaflets
  • Printing the cartons’ labels
  • Folding the carton’s upper sleeves
  • Sealing the carton for transportation or storage.

Automatic Cartoning Machine Suppliers in China

Cartoning machine has been our core competency for over 15 years. We offer a broad range of products including a motion mixer, hot air oven, milling machine, granulator, screening machine, and more. Our cartoning machine serves various applications that demand reliability, and flexibility. Our machine is high-end and is a robotic top load cartoner for demanding applications needing individual modules for carton loading, carton forming, and carton sealing.

Being a professional automatic cartoning machine manufacturer, we have devoted ourselves to research, design, produce, and technical services of factory informatization, factory automation, and intelligent system. After more than 15 years of development, Aligned Machinery has become an established and well-known organization in the field of automatic cartoning machine manufacturer in China.

Aligned Machinery strives to provide its customers with cost high-quality and high-quality cartooning and various other machines. We are well-aware of the fact that each organization works with a different agenda and has a distinct size of operations. Hence, we provide customized solutions on our platform for e-commerce and trade industries.

Apart from enjoying a high rapport in the Chinese market, the company’s products also have a high influence in the international equipment market. We sell our products to 15 different countries and regions.

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