YCD 2.0 Dust Collector
YCD 2.0 Dust Collector
September 11, 2020
High-efficiency Film Coating Machine
BG-E Series High-efficiency Film Coating Machine
September 11, 2020

BG-20H Intelligent High-efficiency Coating Machine


It can be widely used for coating various tablets, pills, and sweets with organic film, water-soluble film, and sugar film, etc. In such fields as pharmaceutical, food, and chemical, etc. It is used in areas such as the small-batch and experiments.
Constant printing function. Humidity display of air intake. Temperature display of Tablets bed. It combines the main machine with the hot air cabinet, air exhaust cabinet, peristaltic pump, printer, and control system, it is special-purpose experimental equipment which is space-saving, easy-operating, and high-efficient. Spray gun and atomization program control function.5KG, 10KG, 20KG replaceable coating pan.
Technical parameters

Model BG-20H
Load Capacity5KG, 10KG, 20KG
Rotation Speed of Coating Pan1-25RPM
Power of Main Machine0.75Kw
Diameter of Coating PanΦ680mm
Motor of Air Exhaust Cabinet2.2Kw
Air Exhaust Flow3517m3/h
Motor Power of Hot Air Cabinet0.75Kw
Hot Air Flow1285m3/h
Weight of Main Machine850Kg
Clean AirPressure> 0.4Mpa
Air Consumption0.2m2/min
Overall dimension (L x W x H)1050 x 960 x 1600mm

Coating pan specification
Coating pan diameter20 (520mm)23 (580mm)27 (680mm)
Coating pan’s rim diameter11 (280mm)11 (280mm)11 (280mm)
Working capacity5L/batch10L/batch20L/batch
Mixing guide baffle4(Set)4(Set)4(Set)
Tablet bed depth5 (120mm)6 (150mm)8 (200mm)

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