HD Series Multi-directional Motion Mixer
HD Series Multi-directional Motion Mixer
September 10, 2020
HTD Series Post Blender
HTD Series Post Blender
September 10, 2020

Bin Blender


This equipment is considered as the ideal mixing equipment for the pharmaceutical laboratory. It is also widely used in chemical, foodstuff industries, etc.


Reasonable structure, stable performance with easy operation.
Beautiful appearance with no dead angle or exposed screws.
Perfect mixing effect. There is a 30° included angle between the mixing hooper and rotation axis, the material in the mixing hopper not only do rotary turning but also do tangential movement along the bucket wall, which has a strong turnover and high-speed tangential motion.
PLC control, set the infrared safety devices, and discharging valve with anti misoperation device, to ensure safety in production.
Meet the GMP criterion. All processes of material can be finished in the same vessel without frequent material transfer, charge, which efficiently controls the dust &cross pollution and reduce the material loss, as well as material layers while optimizing the production process.

Technical Parameters

Blengding speed3-20rpm3-20rpm3-20rpm3-15rpm3-15rpm3-15rpm3-15rpm3-15rpm
Net load2003004005006007509001000
Total power4.75kw7kw7kw8.5kw8.5kw10.5kw11.5kw11.5kw
Machine weihgt1800kg2500kg2600kg3000kg3200kg3600kg4000kg4200kg
Rotation Heihgt2825mm3050mm3330mm3420mm3470mm3700mm3860mm3990mm
Ceiling Height3000mm3200mm3500mm3700mm3700mm4000mm4000mm4200mm
Rotation Width2410mm2700mm2860mm3040mm3140mm3300mm3460mm3580mm
Overall dimension2460 x 1569 x 2360mm2950 x 1731 x 2473mm2950 x 1811 x 2750mm3330 x 1901 x 2800mm3330 x 1951 x 2898mm3500 x 2058 x 3113mm3500 x 2138 x 3241mm3500 x 2198 x 3435mm

The Best Quality Bin Blender Suppliers

Aligned Machinery is among the leading Chinese bin blender suppliers. The company is committed to providing 100pc value to customers against their money invested. Apart from enjoying a high rapport in the Chinese market, the company’s products also have a high influence in the international equipment market. We sell our products to 15 different countries and regions.

Our company incorporates a speedy and quality-focused manufacturing process to bring forth a product line that offers a motion mixer, hot air oven, milling machine, granulator, screening machine, etc. Our offered products undergo a series of quality tests before delivery to confirm customers receive the best.

As one of the best bin blender suppliers, we enjoy the association with celebrated and renowned raw material suppliers. Also, our customers who need assistance in operating products get complete satisfaction. Our seamless delivery process is among the key reasons after our swift acceptance in local markets of China.

Our bin blender can automatically finish all actions such as clamping, mixing, lifting, and lowering. Loaded with multiple mixing hoppers and an automatic lifting hopper mixer of different specs, it can meet all mixing needs of multiple varieties and large quantities. It is a perfect equipment for total mixing in pharmacy factories. At the same time, our blenders are widely used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and other industries.

Top Renowned Bin Blender Suppliers in China

As a new company in the early stages of our growth, we strived to maintain a balance between quality and time and we are now perfect in this. We give proper attention to each client, listen to their needs, provide work within the agreed time frame, and ensure quality standards are maintained throughout.

As one of the top bin blender suppliers in China, our vision is to offer blenders that are worth investment and appreciation due to their structural expertise and zero-error quality. We have a workforce of over 100 technical staff that are technologically strong, stable, and well-organized with proven expertise.

As a dynamic company, we aim to conquer customer loyalty along with a commitment by hiring technically sound and skilled experts that have a strong sense of passion and can adhere to work commitments.

Since its inception, we have devoted ourselves to research, design, produce, and technical services of factory automation, and intelligent system. After more than 15 years of development, Aligned Machinery has become an established and well-known organization in the field of bin blending machine manufacturer in China.

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