WF-C Crushing Set (Cleaning & High Efficiency)
WF-C Crushing Set (Cleaning & High Efficiency)
September 10, 2020

Dust Collecting Equipment

The machine is a new generation of grinding equipment for pharmaceutical, chemicals, foodstuff industries, etc.

Working Principle
It is of vertical crushing structure. The material is fed into the crushing chamber through a hopper, crushed by simultaneous cutting of both fixed and movable knives and rotating impact of the rotating knife. The well-crushed material automatically runs to the catcher under the revolving centrifugal force, and the dust is filtered and recovered by the dust collector through a bag. Designed according to GMP standard and wholly made of stainless steel, it has no flying dust during production and can improve the utilization rate of material and reduce the cost of the enterprise.

Technical Parameters

Speed of principal axis4500r/min3800r/min3400r/min2800r/min2000r/min
Size of input granules< 6mm< 6mm< 6mm< 10mm< 12mm
Crushing fineness60-120mesh60-120mesh60-120mesh60-120mesh60-120mesh
Crushing Motor4KW5.5KW11KW22KW37KW
Dust collecting motor1.5kw1.5kw1.5kw3KW3KW
Overall Dimension(L x W x H)1100 x 600 x 1650mm1200 x 650 x 1650mm1350 x 700 x 1700mm1750 x 1100 x 1950mm1750 x 1100 x 1950mm

Dust Collecting Equipment

If you are searching for the best dust collector machine, then you have landed at the right place. Aligned Technology Co., Limited is among the best dust collecting equipment manufacturer in China.

If you have the need for dust collection and you are unable to find the right Dust collecting Equipment for your office, then Aligned Technology is the solution for you. We are in the industry for the past ten years. We have the right kind of suppliers who supply seamless raw materials to us.

We believe breathing fresh and clean air is a basic human right. Therefore, we offer a broad range of fume, dust, and mist collectors. We provide clean air to the homes or workplaces and are improving the safety and health of employees.

In addition, each of our China Dust collecting Equipment improves the lives of facility workers and our products improve the quality of local outside air. We are also contributing to a healthier environment for your loved ones.

China Dust Collecting Equipment

Our Dust collecting machine enhances the quality of air released from commercial and industrial processes by soaking dust along with other impurities from gas or air. Designed to tackle a high volume of dust loads, our dust collector system consists of a dust filter, a blower, a filter-cleaning system, and the dust receptacles or a dust removal system. It is unlike air purifiers, which use disposable filters for dust removal.

Our dust cleaners are experts in cleaning mist, dust, and fumes from production processes. However, factories are not the only reason for air pollution. The quality of indoor air in the offices and different workplaces is crucial for employee health and comfort.

Poor air quality in workplaces can be tied to trouble concentrating, headaches, fatigue, and irritation of the nose, throat, eyes, and lungs. These air pollutants can be caused by poor damp environments, absence of automatic cartoning machine, ventilation, asbestos, radon, temperature control, or recent remodeling.

We believe our employees are the biggest assets. Our courteous, highly motivated, and skilled staff are well-versed with the latest technical procedures and requirements involving material as well as documentation.

Every month our staff is exposed to training programs and regular seminars to further sharpen their skills and keep updated themselves with the latest rules & regulations, procedures, currently in force related to various industries.

So, if you need a quality dust cleaner in your workplace, contact us now!


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