Multifunctional Pillow Packing Machine
WTU-1 Semi-Automatic Multifunctional Pillow Packing Machine
September 11, 2020
Automatic Cartoning Machine
Automatic Cartoning Machine
September 11, 2020

DZB-250D-400D-600D Multifunctional Pillow-Type Automatic Packing Machine


Product Description
This machine is suitable for packing biscuit, cookie, cookie, candy, and so on pillow-type with various laminated film materials. Controller to Program Operation: This machine adopts PLC programmable controller to program operation of the whole machine.
Sponge Convey Traction: It adopts sponge material as the traction power to solve the problem of the ultrathin material and overweight of the packed object.

Technical parameters

Production Capacity30-120 Bags/min30-100 Bags/min30-100 Bags/min
Packing sizeL60-150mm W30-110mmL80-180mm W30-180mmL150-300mm W100-270mm
Width Packing Material80-250mm90-400mm250-600mm
Total Power220V 50Hz 2kw220V 50Hz 2kw220V 50Hz 2.5kw
Overall Dimension(L x W x H)3500 x 640 X 1600mm3550 x 770 x 1600mm5200 x 1100 x 1600mm

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