LZ-270 Multifunction Mill
LZ-270 Multifunction Mill
September 11, 2020
NJP Series Auto Capsule Filling Machine
NJP Series Auto Capsule Filling Machine
September 11, 2020

Hot Air Oven


It is widely used in heating and dehumidifying raw materials and production of pharmaceutics, chemical, foodstuff, light industry and heavy industry, etc.


Most of the hot wind is circulated in the oven, bringing high thermal efficiency and energy saving. The oven is equipped with adjustable air-distribution plates to evenly dry the materials by force ventilation. The whole machine runs in stable conditions, low noise, self-control temperature, easy maintenance, and wide applications.

Technical Parameters

Model Dry amount batch(kg) Matched power(kw)Steam expend(kg/h) wind(m2) Diff in Up & Down temp(cc) Collo-cate Tray Overall dimension(L x W x H)(mm)Weight(kg)Collo-cate Trolley
RXH-A-I1201.1251400± 2482430 x 1200 x 243012002
RXH-A-ll240 1.1505200± 2962430 x 2200 x 248015004
RXH-A-III3602.2759800± 2144 3430 x 2200 x 262020006
RXH-A-IV 480 2.2959800± 21924460 x 2200 x 262023008
RXH-B-O300.456345081370 x 1200 x 22008001
RXH-B-l1200.45203450± 2482300 x 1200 x 220015002
RXH-B-ll2400.9456900± 2962300 x 2210 x 220018004
RXH-B-lll3601.357010350± 21443300 x 2210 x 220022006
RXH-B-lV4801.89013800± 21924460 x 2210 x 220028008


Hot Air Oven Manufacturers in China

Aligned Machinery is among the leading hot air oven manufacturers in China. It has both its sales office and head office located in Zhejiang, China. Apart from hot ovens, we offer bin blender, motion mixer, multifuction milling machine, rotary tablet press machine, and more.

Air ovens are considered important tools for manufacturing facilities. So, if you have a production factory, you would want to purchase the best ones possible. The perfect way to do that is to surf the internet and speak to the representatives of quality hot air oven suppliers and manufacturers.

To know about our products, please browse our products tab. We have mentioned in detail equipment information, which you can see. Also, if you find the right product for your use, you can ask for the quotation and respective price list.

Aligned Machinery knows the art of producing and supplying various kinds of lab ovens to meet different industry requirements along with corrugated paper for every hot air oven.

Being accepted as one of the best hot air oven manufacturers, our ovens are widely used for:

  • drying,
  • curing,
  • baking,
  • sterilizing,
  • annealing,
  • De-hydration and testing procedures.

Our hot air ovens are used in various industries like a laboratory, biomedical lab, pharmaceutical, forensic food manufacturing, chemical and paint industry to name a few. Our equipment produces high precision thanks to the mechanical ram drop correction system. A flexible machine suitable for machining and finishing operations.

Best Diverse Hot Air Oven Manufacturers

Aligned Machinery holds perfection in designing and supplying different specifications and sizes of laboratory ovens like ovens with large sized oven, tabletop, floor mounted, etc. We also produce heavy-duty hot air ovens, hot box ovens, and high-temperature ovens for different industries.

With consistent hard work from our engineering staff and technical experts, we are competent to manufacture hot air ovens of any style, size, and kind of laboratory to compete with fellow Hot air oven manufacturers in the industry.

Additionally, our wide range of ovens can be customized easily. Further according to industry requirements some industries need different laboratory ovens which we can deliver. Customization takes place in different sizes and the shapes like rectangular or oval. Customization integrates with accessories and advanced features like wheels, chart recorder, individual shelves, microprocessor controller, over-temperature protection, etc.

Aligned Machinery exports its products to different countries. To this point, it has a wide network of trading retailers and distributors which ensure personal and direct contact with us.

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