Bin Blender
Bin Blender
September 10, 2020
Multidirectional Motion Mixer
Multidirectional Motion Mixer
September 10, 2020

HTD Series Post Blender


This equipment is considered as the ideal blending equipment in pharmaceutical industry. It is also widely used in chemical, foodstuff industries, etc.
Perfect mixing. There is an included hole between Hopper symmetrical axis and the rotating shaft axis when charing the material into the closed square-cone mixing barrel. The different component materials do the three-dimensional movement in the closed discharging door which producing strong turnover and diffusion while achieving the best effect of mixing.
Novel design, compact structure, and good appearance. The evenness of mixing reaches 99%, the volume charge coefficient reaches 0.8. Low rotating height, smooth running, reliable performance, and easy operation
Conforming to the requirement of GMP. Cone skip form can realize the material airtight transportation, avoid pollution. The highly polished inner and outer surface of the barrel, no dead corner, easy to discharge materials, easy to clean, no cross-contamination.
Technical parameters

Blengding speed3-20rpm3-20rpm3-20rpm3-20rpm3-20rpm3-15rpm3-15rpm
Net load2550100150200300400
Total power3.7kw3.7kw4.4kw4.4kw5.2kw5.2kw7kw
Machine weihgt600kg700kg800kg900kg1000kg1300kg1600kg
Rotation Heihgt1500mm1500mm1950mm2150mm2250mm2500mm2600mm
Ceiling Height2500mm2500mm2500mm2800mm2800mm2800mm2800mm
Rotation Width1400mm1400mm1800mm2000mm2100mm2400mm2500mm
Overall dimension2045 x 1020 x 2000mm2045 x 1020 x 2000mm2260 x 1202 x 2300mm2457 x 1306 x 2300mm2555 x 1445 x 2400mm2663 x 1583 x 2500mm2800 x 1730 x 2500mm

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