DPP-110 Blister Auto Machine
DPP-110 Blister Auto Machine
September 11, 2020
Type Automatic Packing Machine
DZB-250D-400D-600D Multifunctional Pillow-Type Automatic Packing Machine
September 11, 2020

WTU-1 Semi-Automatic Multifunctional Pillow Packing Machine


The semi-automatic multifunctional pillow packing machine was made according to the American Restaurant Association Requirements. The machine is widely used in cutlery, dishes, bread, and other different kinds of products, It is suitable for all kinds of films, like BOPP, OPP, CPP, and so on, it owns an advantage of a wide range of applications, small footprint, high safety performance, lightweight and low price. It’s the first choice for cottage enterprises with low-volume packaging.

Technical parameters

Finished package sizeUnlimited
50mm-280 mm
<65 mm (can be customized)
Packing Speed10-30 Bags/min
Power specification220V/1500W (According to customer requirements)
Overall Dimension (L x W x H)536 x 540 x 820mm

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