Rotary Tablet Press Machine
Rotary Tablet Press Machine
September 11, 2020
SZ300/SZ400 Vibtated Rotary Sifter
SZ300/SZ400 Vibtated Rotary Sifter
September 11, 2020

ZPS series Intelligent Rotary Tablet Press


Model ZPS rotary tablet press is a type of small size machine mainly suitable for use in laboratories.
Single roller, fully enclosed in compliance with GMP requirements; Digital display of the main compression, tablet ejection force, the thickness of the tablet, fill depth, and rotary speed;
Over load protection for the motor with emergency stop device CE certified optional.
Quantity of Punch & Die(set)
Tooling Standard
Technical parameters

Quantity of Punch &Die(set)24168
Max. main pressure (kn)606060
Max. Pre-pressure (kn)101010
Max. dia of tablet (mm)111325
Max. Thickness of the tablet(mm)888
Max. Depth of the tablet(mm)161616
Turret speed(rpm)10-308-408-40
Max capacity (tab/h)11000-414008100-306003800-8400
Powder of the main motor (kw)
Overall dimension(mm)580 x 660 x 1600580 x 660 x 1600580 x 660 x 1600

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